Woman Receives Dental Implant - Porcelain Crown on Front Tooth*

Procedure Details

This is really an interesting case. This patient is a hygienist in a town close to Houston and a friend of one of our own staff members. Her front tooth was failing and could not be saved and the dentist she worked for referred her to a surgeon in Houston to do the extraction and implant. His recommendation was to have the tooth extracted, then the implant placed 6 months later, and a final crown 6 months afterwards. During this year, she would have to wear a removable flipper to replace the missing tooth. Through our staff member, this patient learned that we do this procedure with the implant placed at the time of surgery along with a temporary crown placed on the implant. Her dentist not only said this could not be done, but had never heard of anyone doing this before. This is the advantage of an experienced surgical team/restorative team. Our patient was able to receive a dental implant with an all porcelain dental crown on her front tooth with an outcome that looks very natural and beautiful. This custom abutment was performed using the INOL (Immediate Non-Occlusal) technique. She loves her results!


Plano Dental Clinic

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