New Cosmetic Front Crown to Replace One That No Longer Matched, Plano TX**

Procedure Details

This patient had this front crown done many years ago, but Dr. Tim Nguyen had noticed that it had started to leak at the margin and would need to be replaced so that it would not decay further. Since the crown needed to be replaced, Dr. Nguyen took some time to talk about the esthetics of the previous crown and what could be improved upon to make it more natural and match closer in color to the other teeth. Our patient didn't know that it could be improved upon, but did say that she could never figure out why, but it was like that tooth didn't fit or belong. We started off with some at home bleaching in order to bring back some brightness to the teeth. For this crown Dr. Nguyen and our patient elected to do what is called a "Custom Shade & Stain" since there were so many intricacies in color in her teeth (not every crown will need a custom shade). The new crown is a much better match to our patients surrounding teeth including the subtle colors and intricacies of the surrounding teeth like the translucent edge and the waves of color. They say matching a single veneer or crown in the front is one of the hardest things to do in cosmetic dentistry because the eye is so good at picking up differences in symmetry, but we think Dr. Tim Nguyen with the help of our amazing dental lab knocked it out of the park. Our patient was able to leave with a smile that was hers!

Cosmetic Consult

In this case the crown replacement was neceesary due to a leaking margin to a crown and decay.  Since that was the case Dr. Tim Nguyen was able to improve on the esthetics of the crown, but if a tooth is perfectly fine, we would never actively push a patient to make any changes in cosmetics.  Cosmetics are in the eye of the beholder, and a change in cosmetics shuld always be a patient decision.  Should you or one of our patients wish to talk about changes in esthetics you can be confident in Dr. Tim Nguyen that they have the experience and training to help you.  


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