More Single Tooth Implant Crowns!*

Procedure Details

Here is a great example of two implant crowns side by side restored by Dr. Tim Nguyen. Implants crowns when all said and done are comprised of 3 different parts. (1) the Implant (2) the Custom Abutment (the 'undercrown' or the middle connector that connects the crown to the implant) (3) the Crown The first view is of the implants themselves. When a tooth is missing, the implant is the part that replaces what used to be the root of the tooth. Here you notice that the implants look far below the gums which is done on purpose so that the crown that goes 'on top' of the implant looks like it is coming out of the gums like a normal tooth vs. sitting on top of the gums out of place. The last 2 views are from the top and the side; which is a good view to show how natural they look. Many people after the crowns are put on sometimes forget they even have implants!


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