What is the Difference Between DDS and DMD?

Let’s clear up one of the most asked questions in dentistry:  What is the difference between DDS and DMD?, Are they different types of doctors?, Is one better than the other?!  Dr. Bosher is a DDS but Dr. Nguyen is a DMD – is one more qualified than the other?

In short, DDS and DMD, are the SAME degree, just different in name.

DDS is Doctor of Dental Surgery and DMD is Doctor of Dental Medicine.  Even though one has surgery and one has medicine in the title, it does not mean one degree gets more surgical experience versus the other.  It is simply what the university or school wants to grant, tied back to their own history and other factors. Both degrees have the same requirements of entry to dental school, dental school curriculum (to be an accredited dental school), and both require passing the boards.   

The DDS did come first and as it stands 24 of the 58 dental schools award DMD degrees.  So depending on who you talk to Dr. Bosher may say his came first, but Dr. Nguyen may say there are less DMD’s so his is more special ;)

Dr. Bosher was awarded a DDS from Baylor Dental School.

Dr. Nguyen was awarded a DMD from Tufts School of Dental Medicine.  

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