Tips to Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay

Dr. Tim Nguyen | 02/12/2020

In order to maintain optimal oral health, it’s important to learn helpful tips on how to prevent cavities in your family’s teeth in Plano, TX.


When Is It Necessary to Seek Emergency Dental Care?

Dr. Tim Nguyen | 02/07/2020

When you’re experiencing intense pain or unusual dental symptoms in Plano, TX, it’s important to visit a general dentist for emergency dental care.


Why Replacing Missing Teeth Is Critical For Your Dental Wellness

Parker West Dental Associates | 01/29/2020

Enduring tooth loss could lead to several issues. Find out why restoring spaces in your smile is essential for your oral health.


Why to Choose In-Office Teeth Whitening Over Store-Bought Dupes

Parker West Dental Associates | 01/22/2020

If dingy, discolored teeth are preventing you from smiling with confidence, find out how teeth whitening can give you a healthy and gorgeous smile.


Habits That Can Reduce Oral Discomfort If You Suffer From Sensitive Teeth

Parker West Dental Associates | 01/15/2020

If oral discomfort keeps you from enjoying your life, learn the ways you could reduce the issue and enhance your overall wellness.


How Biannual Dental Cleanings Help To Keep Your Smile In Great Health

Parker West Dental Associates | 01/08/2020

Biannual oral cleanings are an important aspect of making sure that the smile is hygienic and luminous now and for the long term.


Excellent Dental Health Is Instrumental To Achieving A Fulfilling Life

Parker West Dental Associates | 12/26/2019

The impacts of a clean smile extend beyond the teeth and gums. Discover how the connection between oral and overall health impacts you.


Ways To Discover If Medical-Grade Teeth Whitening Is Right For Your Smile

Parker West Dental Associates | 12/18/2019

Professional teeth whitening can improve your smile and expand your self-confidence using state-of-the-art techniques.


Modern Dental Solutions That Will Make You Enjoy Your Smile

Parker West Dental Associates | 12/11/2019

Modern oral treatments give effective solutions to help keep your smile looking and feeling hygienic, bright, and gorgeous.


Professional Teeth Whitening Facts You Should Be Familiar With

Parker West Dental Associates | 12/04/2019

Expert teeth whitening may dramatically brighten the aesthetic look of your teeth.


Periodontal Disease: The Main Signs Each Individual Should Recognize

Parker West Dental Associates | 11/27/2019

Gum disease is a common oral ailment that adversely affects the total wellness of many patients each year.


Oral Health Mistakes To Take Note Of: Are You Guilty Of Any Of Them?

Parker West Dental Associates | 11/20/2019

Even if you brush your teeth each day, there still may be things you're missing. Find out how to fix these oral care mistakes.


Restore Your Dental Health With Skilled Stain Removal Methods

Parker West Dental Associates | 11/15/2019

First impressions are everything. Discover how to elevate your confidence with a whiter smile.


Uncover How Your General Dentist Is Vital For Stellar Oral Health

Parker West Dental Associates | 11/14/2019

General dentists provide a full range of dental service solutions that are vital elements of oral wellness.


Are You Getting Dental Exams Every Year? Here’s Why You Should

Dr. Tim Nguyen | 10/24/2019

Your regular dental checkup appointment is more important than you may think, and can affect your overall health if you skip it.


Want a Brighter Smile? Explore Simple Ways to Whiten Teeth

Dr. Tim Nguyen | 10/17/2019

Stained, yellow enamel leaves many people searching for simple yet effective ways to whiten teeth. See which options are delivering dazzling results.


Ouch! Causes of Tooth Pain and How to Find Relief

Parker West Dental Associates | 10/16/2019

Tooth pain can be stressful, inconvenient, and intrusive. Find out the most likely culprits and how this bothersome oral symptom can be relieved.


Why It Is Important to Get Professional Dental Cleanings

Parker West Dental Associates | 10/09/2019

Dental cleanings mean more than simply removing plaque and tartar from the teeth. Learn why these routine services are so essential to your smile.


Missing a Tooth? Why a Dental Implant May Be a Good Choice

Parker West Dental Associates | 09/26/2019

Dental implants restore function and appearance to those who are missing a tooth or teeth. Learn if this option might be right for your smile.


A Confident Smile For A Confident Life - Find a Dentist That Can Help

Parker West Dental Associates | 09/24/2019

If you are not confident in the appearance of your teeth and gums, learn about the cosmetic treatments that can be part of your smile makeover.


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