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Plano, TX cosmetic dentists, Dr. Ron Bosher and Dr. Tim Nguyen, utilize the latest equipment in dental technology. iTero allows Dr. Bosher and Dr. Nguyen to take a 3-D digital scan of a patient's mouth, which provides an accurate image of the teeth and the bite without taking any impressions. This powerful technology provides the dentist complete precision and control to create beautiful all ceramic restorations that fit almost perfectly.

How it works

3-D digital scanning uses a laser to scan all aspects of the tooth being treated. Then this 3-D image can be sent to the laboratory for the restoration to be made at a later date or it can be milled with the CAD/CAM in our office and delivered the same day.  This is where you get the terms “same day crowns” or “crowns while you wait”.

Why iTero

This highly advanced dental technology allows dentists to create accurate scans of the mouth without messy molds, which can be very uncomfortable for patients. In addition, it often takes more than one try to get the mold accurate. iTero is so precise, that one scan is typically all that is needed to get a complete visual of every tooth, the arch and bite, and significantly improve the patient experience.

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Proven Research

iTero is backed by extensive research and countless dentists stamp of approval. Research has proven this technology to incorporate:

  • Precision scanning resulting in highly accurate scans
  • Accurate restorations so that crowns, bridges, and orthodontics result in a perfect fit
  • Better patient experience, which eliminates additional appointments, messy molds, and provides real-time, high-impact, visualizations

3D Dental Impressions FAQ

How quickly can a 3D dental impression be taken?
3D dental impressions can be exceptionally fast. With experience, a full-arch impression can be captured in as little as 40 seconds, including bite alignment. This speed, however, is typically achieved with extensive practice and familiarity with the technology.

Are 3D dental impressions more accurate than traditional methods?
Yes, clinical studies have indicated that dental prostheses created using 3D digital impressions are more accurate compared to those made from traditional impressions. This improved accuracy is a key factor driving the increasing adoption of digital impression technology in various dental specialties.

What are some advantages of using 3D technology in dentistry?
3D technology in dentistry not only allows for the creation of new types of products, like transparent braces, but it also reduces production costs. Additionally, it promotes environmentally friendly practices through efficient automation and recycling possibilities.

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