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what is a smile makeover?

A beautiful smile can make a great impression, which is why board-certified dentist Dr. Tim Nguyen offers custom smile makeovers in Plano, TX. Throughout your life, you might have experienced accidents, dental issues, and other difficulties that made your teeth less than perfect. A smile makeover at Parker West Dental Associates is a unique, personalized treatment plan of restorative and cosmetic procedures that can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth — and the overall health of your mouth. A smile makeover could include tooth whitening (in-office or at-home treatments), porcelain veneers, orthodontics, cosmetic bonding, and replacing old metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings. Your smile makeover could also include restorative procedures like dental implants, crowns, or bridges to correct missing teeth. If you are interested in improving your smile so that it's healthy and beautiful, schedule a consultation with us at our office in Plano, TX to create your customized smile makeover treatment plan.

What are the benefits of a smile makeover?

A customized smile makeover designed by Dr. Nguyen offers a number of great benefits to create a beautiful new smile, including:

  • Customized treatment options
  • Restored functionality and appearance of your smile
  • The ability to combine treatments
  • Long-lasting and natural-looking results
  • Improved oral health
  • A stronger, brighter, more beautiful smile

Am I a Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover may be helpful if you would like to improve the look of your teeth or if you need multiple restorative or cosmetic procedures. Dr. Nguyen will personalize your smile makeover program to fulfill your concerns and goals. It might simply consist of teeth bleaching to fix discoloration and stains on your enamel or include multiple treatments. Other cosmetic procedures that might be in your plan are veneers or bonding and contouring to improve the shape and length of your teeth and to cover small gaps between your teeth. Dental restorations (bridges and crowns) may be used to replace a lost tooth or teeth. At Parker West Dental Associates, we use custom restorations — so they blend with your regular teeth for a seamless appearance.

Before you have cosmetic procedures, our team will have to make sure your gums and teeth are healthy. If you have any prohibitive oral health issues like dental malocclusion or gum disease, then this will need to be addressed first.

How does a smile makeover work?

Every smile makeover is customized, so Dr. Nguyen will go over exactly what to expect during your treatment, including the number of visits you may require. Each visit is typically about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on what is being done. Dr. Nguyen will help you plan your appointment(s) to complete all of the treatments of your smile makeover. Local anesthesia will be needed during a few of the treatments; however, other sedation choices may be included if you require help relaxing due to dental fears or anxieties. During your smile makeover, Dr. Nguyen, along with his experienced team, will be accessible to help you feel more comfortable or answer your questions.

how much does a smile makeover cost?

The cost of a smile makeover will vary depending on what procedures are part of the treatment. Since a smile makeover typically only includes cosmetic procedures, it is not usually covered by dental insurance. During the consultation with Dr. Nguyen, he will listen to your concerns and examine your teeth, then work with you to create a customized smile makeover plan. Once your plan is finalized, Dr. Nguyen can give you an estimated cost for your smile makeover.

Smile Makeover FAQ

Can I have more than one type of procedure?

Yes, you can include multiple procedures in your smile makeover. While a smile makeover typically focuses on the appearance of the teeth, some dental restorations may be needed to replace missing or damaged teeth. Patients may need a crown (single tooth), bridge, or dentures that are implanted or bonded. Dr. Nguyen will talk to you about what procedures are recommended to best improve your smile.

Does a smile makeover hurt?

Helping you achieve the best oral health with the maximum possible comfort is our number one priority. Many procedures in a smile makeover are very comfortable and typically don't even require an anesthetic, like teeth whitening, for example. However, for more involved procedures like crowns, fillings, and implants, Dr. Nguyen provides both local anesthetic and sedation options to ensure your entire procedure is comfortable and anxiety-free.

How do you care for a smile makeover?

Caring for your smile makeover is simple. After the smile makeover is complete, establish and follow a home oral hygiene routine that includes daily brushing and flossing. Patients should also continue to come to Parker West Dental Associates at least twice a year for a professional dental cleaning, which will help the health and appearance of their teeth. After a few years, patients may want to touch up their teeth whitening to remove any stains that have developed since the smile makeover.

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Get A Beautiful New Smile

Let our team at Parker West Dental Associates help you create a grin you'll enjoy showing off with a customized smile makeover. At your consultation with Dr. Tim Nguyen, he will explore the cosmetic and restorative treatments that fit your aesthetic goals while working with you to plan the smile you want. Contact our Plano, TX office today to schedule your smile makeover consultation and start your path to a beautifully stunning new smile.

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