Patient Receives New Dental Implant Replacement in Plano, TX*

Procedure Details

This case has every aspect of what you do NOT want in your implant and crown. This patient came to our Plano, TX dental practice with issues concerning her implants and crowns that were placed by a former dentist. The implant was too small for a molar and was not placed in the best position. This was followed by a poor restorative design by the previous dentist. This crown was placed directly on the implant with a plastic coping, which was for the lab fabrication, never for the final crown. Who ever did this case did not understand the basics of implant restorative dentistry. When came to our office, not only was the implant failing but the bone deteriorating. This makes rehabilitating this area extremely difficult with a very high chance of failure. Dr. Bosher used advanced dental technology to save this area, placing a new implant and crown with materials that typically last years. His surgical efforts were carried out very carefully to provide the best long-term result.

Experience is Key!

We cannot stress the importance of a properly trained surgical-restorative team when it comes to dental implant surgery. When Dr. Bosher lectures to future and current dentists, he also stresses this to other general dental professionals. At our Plano, TX dental practice, we take great pride, using skill, experience, technology, and a combination of some of Dallas' best surgeons to ensure an outcome that looks amazing, but even more important, lasts years. We are so glad that this patient had a successful outcome!




Plano Dental Clinic

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