Alternative Option to Replace a Tooth (Dental Bridge), Plano TX*

Procedure Details

This is a great example of a case that Dr. Tim Nguyen completed for a patient who fell and broke a front tooth. Our 2 ideal options for replacing a missing tooth in this situation are a single implant or a bridge. Here the patient opted not to do the implant which left the alternative option - the dental bridge. We were able to get our patient in right away because no one wants to be without a front tooth! Dr. Tim Nguyen was able to prep the teeth right away and place a temporary bridge so that no one would ever know there was a missing tooth. Using that temporary bridge Dr. Tim Nguyen was able to mold the gum tissue just like he would an implant, to make the bridge look like it was coming out of the gums like a natural tooth to provide the most lifelike result as possible. The lab matched the color to the existing crowns in the mouth to give our patient back her smile.


Plano Dental Clinic

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