Plano, TX Man Has a Smile Makeover for Failing Crowns & Veneers from Bruxism*

Procedure Details

This patient came to our office in Plano, TX with failing veneers that he had placed several years before at another dental office. Not complaining about the work the previous cosmetic dentist performed, he explained that his over bite and bruxism deteriorated the quality of the work. His veneers were well made, but the constant teeth grinding and clinching took its toll on his restorations. Dr. Ron Bosher was ready for the challenge of revising his previous dental work. He opened up the patient's bite so that he no longer had an overbite, which allowed adequate room for the new porcelain crowns and veneers. He loves the new, bright white smile! We also made impressions of his mouth so that we could have a custom night guard made for him to wear at night while he sleeps to ward off the damaging teeth grinding he does while asleep. Today, John still his new crowns and veneers are still look and function like normal, healthy teeth. Using the night guard really helped John keep from damaging his hand-crafted crowns and veneers.

Revise Your Smile With Us

We provide smile makeovers and full mouth restorations for many people throughout the course of the year, and all come to us seeking solutions for different levels of complexity, and their own unique problems to solve. Dr. Bosher excepts those cases even when they are difficult and challenging. He knows the finished product will be rewarding for the patient as his level of expertise, training, and years of experience will all assure a good result. If you would like to have a consultation with Dr. Ron Bosher, please call and schedule a completely private consultation today.


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