Modern Dental Solutions That Will Make You Enjoy Your Smile

Your Smile

Everyone's frame of mind, temperament, and health can be improved by smiling. Nevertheless, when you're embarrassed by your smile, you might not feel good about laughing or talking with friends and family. The team at Parker West Dental Associates in Plano, TX, strives to help individuals love the appearance of their teeth by offering efficient and modern dental treatments to improve both the look and condition of their smile. People who commonly shield their teeth out of embarrassment or people who just feel that their oral well-being needs to improve—are encouraged to get in touch with our team and learn about their possibilities for modern oral services. Whether it's preventive dental services to more intricate procedures, we address the different requirements of our clients by using caring and attentive approaches. We encourage you to dive into this post and discover more about how modern dental treatments can improve an expansive range of concerns to enable you to achieve your most radiant smile.


All people should be allowed to enjoy a smile that's pretty, glowing, and confident. A vital aspect of receiving and maintaining a healthy smile is by receiving routine dental treatment from an experienced dentist in Plano, TX, devoted to your oral wellness. Getting your teeth expertly cleaned a minimum of twice per year can decrease plaque, buildup, and discoloration, generate better breath, and lower your likelihood of ending up with cavities and receding gums. Once-yearly oral exams allow our dental professionals to diagnose and address issues as they arise, generally freeing you from more invasive kinds of care and greater costs down the road. Even just keeping up with everyday tooth-cleaning and flossing habits can contribute a lot as it relates to making sure that your smile is as glowing and healthy as possible. Good dental upkeep plays a very vital role in sustaining exceptional oral well-being now and for years to come.


Although missing, crooked, or decayed teeth frequently leave people feeling uncomfortable with their smiles, addressing these issues typically reduce difficulties with chewing, speaking and, as a result, their overall quality of life. Receiving dental care on a regular schedule, or as you have sudden oral wellness needs, can help you maintain a clean, attractive smile. If there are issues with your smile that trouble you, or when you experience new concerns regarding the look and health of your teeth, assistance from our team could be precisely what you're looking for to enhance your oral wellness. Below, you can read about a handful of the best modern dentistry treatments made accessible by our qualified Plano, TX dental care providers.

Composite resin fillings are utilized to restore teeth that have been impacted by cavities.

Teeth riddled by decay or various other kinds of deterioration can affect the health of your smile. To address decayed teeth, our staff is happy to offer tooth-colored composite resin fillings that restore the treated area of the tooth. The tooth-colored resin then merges seamlessly with the tooth. Tooth-colored fillings are reliable and long-lasting and feel like regular tooth enamel.

Ceramic crowns can be used for many different situations.

Ceramic crowns, also known as caps, are oral restorations that fully conceal and return the function, wellness, and appearance of individual teeth that have developed decay, breaks, or different kinds of damage. At Parker West Dental Associates office in Plano, TX, our staff use medical-grade porcelain, ceramic, and other materials to make dental crowns as well as enhance effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. Tooth caps may serve both visual and restorative concerns to help the attractiveness and health of your teeth.

Dental implants are considered the latest best solution for tooth replacement.

A hole in your smile as a result of a missing tooth can typically affect your ability to chew. It could also lessen your desire to smile, laugh, and talk to friends and family. Implants take the place of missing teeth by producing the visual effects, function, and feel of actual teeth. Ask our team about your tooth replacement alternatives and allow us to help you judge whether dental implants can enhance the quality of your dental wellness.

You can benefit from orthodontic treatments, regardless of age.

Aligned teeth are commonly more beautiful and simpler to clean and floss, which frequently makes them healthier in general when compared to crooked teeth. Straightening services are designed to gradually shift the teeth into a better location in relation to the jaw and increase dental function. Conditions like misalignment, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, and spaces may all be fixed with teeth straightening treatments.

Contouring the gums can elevate the wellness and look of your teeth.

When people have an excess amount of gum tissue, it could obscure a portion of the enamel, making the teeth appear too nubby and creating an environment for periodontal inflammation. To produce a more proportionate appearance and to enhance your dental health, we could perform a gum contouring treatment that removes a small amount of the redundant gum tissue and reshapes the gums to nicely frame the teeth.

Teeth whitening is a popular option for patients of many ages.

Being one of the simplest oral services, teeth whitening can improve the overall look of the teeth by eliminating stains. Professional whitening service offered at Parker West Dental Associates is designed to fulfill your individual goals and can brighten your teeth by a number of shades for a more youthful and shining smile. If dark-colored drinks, smoking, or the aging process have interfered with the beauty of your smile, whitening might be an efficient method to boost your overall look.


When you have minor problems with your teeth or require more complex forms of care, our staff at Parker West Dental Associates performs the advanced dental solutions you need to keep a hygienic and luminous smile. Regular oral intervention could enable you to retain the look and health of your teeth. It's important to have biannual dental cleanings to make sure that any problems are addressed and treated soon. Modern dentistry techniques provide a wide range of services to allow you to improve your dental wellness. When you get expert dental care, you won't need to shield your smile any longer. Set up your appointment with our highly trained staff at our office in Plano, TX, to take the initial step toward enjoying a shining and confident smile.

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