Ways To Discover If Medical-Grade Teeth Whitening Is Right For Your Smile

Professional Teeth Whitening

Numerous factors could affect how you feel about the complete look of your smile. Do you hide your mouth with your hand every time you smile or laugh? Are stained or discolored teeth hindering you from experiencing a confident, dazzling smile? If you answered positively to either one, then expert teeth whitening could be just the solution you require to upgrade your smile. Professional teeth whitening is an easy aesthetic dentistry solution that our experienced team at Parker West Dental Associates in Plano, TX, provides to brighten the appearance of your teeth and allow you to experience a confident, beautiful smile. As a crucial part of who you are, having a smile that you enjoy showing off can boost your general attitude, self-esteem, and wellness.


Today could be the appropriate time to improve the appearance of your smile. Professional teeth whitening is a healthy, effective way to improve the look of your smile through a simple process. When compared to over-the-counter approaches for teeth whitening, prescription-strength treatments tend to offer more significant outcomes in less time. The expert teeth whitening procedure uses uniquely formulated peroxide gels that permeate the deeper layers of enamel and gently dissolve discoloration that has developed on or within the tooth enamel. Specific outcomes may vary, but the majority of Plano, TX individuals who get their teeth expertly whitened appreciate a smile that is multiple shades brighter.


Even though drugstores have a variety of whitening options, they typically are unable to deliver the same quality and level of results as prescription-strength teeth whitening by an experienced dental team. In actuality, some types of non-professional products, including specific kinds of toothpaste or rinses, do not really alter the shade of tooth enamel. Instead, they just allow for the elimination of external stains as a way to make your smile look whiter. However, medical-grade whitening treatments offer a more powerful whitening product that can be more effective at eliminating deeper discoloration and erasing years of tooth yellowing. Since this procedure is overseen by a team of qualified professionals at Parker West Dental Associates in Plano, TX, it is safer and is able to be individualized to meet your specific smile needs and goals.


Obtaining a smile that you makes you confident will go a long way toward helping you to have elevated self-esteem when communicating with others. You may be a good candidate for medical-grade teeth whitening with our Parker West Dental Associates dental team if one or more of the statements on the below checklist describe you:

You feel unconfident regarding the look of your smile.
A smile allows you to express emotion in regard to how you may be feeling. Whenever your smile does not exude self-esteem, it could be due to the fact that you have cosmetic concerns about the appearance of your teeth. Medical-grade teeth whitening could allow you the assurance you require to smile fearlessly.

Your teeth appear dull in color or your smile is lackluster.
If your teeth have lost their gleam or brilliance, your smile can seem dull. Medical-grade teeth whitening frequently lightens tooth enamel by many shades and is able to take your smile from lifeless to brilliant much more quickly.

You have teeth that are yellowing the older you get.
As we get older, the natural shine of our enamel that existed when we were younger starts to dim, and our smile often exhibits a yellow color. Medical-grade teeth whitening offered by a team of Plano, TX dental professionals may assist in turning back the hands of time for your smile to allow for a younger-looking you.

You have yellowing because of coffee, tea, or long-term tobacco use.
Enjoying drinks like sodas or red wine and using products that contain tobacco can discolor the enamel on your teeth. Even certain kinds of foods and spices can lead to dark discoloration or staining of the teeth. Prescription-strength teeth whitening is able to help in dissolving these stains in order to leave behind a whiter shade for your smile.

You desire a more radiant smile for an important life event.
You might desire to have a more luminous, more confident smile prior to specific events. Graduations, weddings, landmark birthdays, and important job interviews are just some of the major life events that you might desire to whiten your teeth for, to look and feel your best.


To determine if medical-grade teeth whitening treatments are able to help you achieve your unique smile goals, it is important to see a trained team experienced in this type of aesthetic dental procedure. Our dental team at Parker West Dental Associates will be happy to meet with you and can formulate a procedure plan for your aesthetic concerns about your teeth. Get in touch with our Plano, TX practice today to discover more about our medical-grade teeth whitening and aesthetic dentistry services.

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