Same Day Crowns-How Modern Dentistry Makes Getting A Crown Easier Than Ever

No more need for a temporary fix…

Have you ever been enjoying yourself at lunch or dinner only to take a bite and crack your tooth? Perhaps you have an older filling that you have been meaning to restore, but you just haven’t made the time necessary to handle it. Instances such as these, and many others, often require a dental crown, which is a restoration that replaces your real tooth when it is no longer healthy enough to survive without restoration. With advancements in dental technology, you no longer have to wait 2-4 weeks to get a new crown. It is one of the modern developments in dentistry that make getting a dental crown so much easier.

The dental office of Parker West Dental in Plano, TX offers their patients the convenience of same day crowns. Let’s take a look at how it can be done and what Parker West Dental in Plano can do for you.

Why would you need a dental crown?

A dental crown is essentially a “prosthetic” device for a tooth. It is custom made to look like a healthy version of your tooth. Not only does it look like your natural tooth, it functions and feels like one too. Dental crowns are generally the first step in restoring a tooth for a variety of reasons. The dental crown (or cap) covers the entire tooth to:

  • Correct cosmetic issues such as misshapen or discoloration

  • Replace an existing metal filling too large to be replaced with a tooth-colored filling

  • Serve as an anchor for a dental bridge when a patient has one or more missing teeth in a row

  • Repair a severely damaged or broken tooth due to tooth decay

  • Replace an existing crown that has cracked or been damaged

The dental crown process…

The tooth receiving a dental crown needs to be prepared and fitted for the new crown. A portion of the tooth, especially if part of it is decayed, will be removed to accommodate a crown being placed over it. If an existing crown has broken, it is removed and any touch ups that are needed are done at this time to the tooth. After the tooth is prepped and prepared, a 3D image or picture is taken (gone are the days of yucky tasting impressions or molds!) in order to custom fit it with a crown.

Same-day crown technology...

The Parker West Dental office in Plano is committed to giving their dental patients the latest technology and advancements in dental care. Parker West Dental has the E4D technology system that delivers a computer-aided precise design on-site. This allows their dental practice to manufacture a perfectly fitted crown or other ceramic dental restoration device, such as a partial bridge, eliminating the need to send the restoration to an off-site lab. The tooth is prepared by the dentist, digitally scanned, and images are sent to the in-house mill to begin the custom crown process. This new technology has dramatically cut down the wait time for patients to one day, instead of weeks, eliminating the need for a temporary fix and giving patients what they need in a single visit.

Say goodbye to temporary crowns!

In the past, dentists would prepare a patient's tooth, take an impression of the tooth then send it off to a lab to make the custom crown. This process left patients waiting for weeks for their permanent crown to be ready. While patients waited for their permanent crown, they had to wear a temporary one. Dentists had to fit patients with a “temporary crown” in order to protect the existing tooth to allow for daily activities such as chewing food or drinking. Unfortunately patients consistently dealt with temporary crowns coming off which turned into more office visits. With the convenience of same day crowns, the need for a temporary crown is no longer needed which allows dental patients more flexibility with their busy schedules.

Are same-day dental restorations as reliable?

According to a study done by the Journal of International Oral Health, dental crowns or other oral restoration devices done on-site, with the help of today’s computer-generated technology are found to be just as reliable, if not better than restoration sent out to professional dental labs. Parker West Dental practice in Plano, TX takes great pride in giving area patients the best care and quality. We understand time is valuable and many patients simply do not want to deal with multiple visits or temporary fixes. With no longer having to send their patients crowns or other dental needs to an off-site lab, their in-house advanced E4D system allows their trained staff to give patients better options, more flexibility and a quick turnaround with their dental needs.

If you have an immediate need or just a busy schedule, then a same day crown could be a great solution for you. Offered at our Plano, TX dental practice, Parker West has the latest in-house dental technology allowing patients the convenience and flexibility of same-day help. You can have your tooth restored and go about your daily routine all in one day! Allow us to show you how seamless dental work can be allowing you to have the healthy smile you deserve without the inconvenience of days past. Call or schedule your appointment with Parker West Dental and speak to one of our friendly and qualified staff members.

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