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Implant-retained crowns are the latest development in restorative dentistry. They are crowns that are securely attached to the implant abutment, which is attached to the implant and is designed to replace a patient's missing tooth. As a replacement for a natural tooth, an implant-retained crown is the closest that Plano, TX aesthetic restorative dentists, Dr. Ron Bosher and Dr. Tim Nguyen, can provide their patients with a natural feeling and looking tooth. They makes every effort to match the color of the crown to the patient’s natural teeth. With the latest advances in dental technology, dentists can provide patients with stunning aesthetic results using this procedure.

What to Expect

The implant-retained crown process is typically divided into 2 stages over several months. The first stage is the surgical placement where the implant is placed in to a socket to integrate with the jawbone. This process can take up to 3 months including the recovery process. The second stage is the restorative process where the crown is screwed or cemented into place. This stage occurs after the implant is fully integrated into the jaw bone. The restorative process is much simpler these days due to digital optical scanning and CAD/CAM technology. With laser scanning there is no need for extensive, messy impressions and a lengthy wait while the abutment and crown are made. Now, patients come in for a quick optical scan and return just two weeks later for a full custom abutment and all ceramic restoration. This is all done without any anesthesia needed.

Estimated Cost

The cost of the implant-retained crown is the same for any other crown, averaging betwen $2,200 - $2,500. The custom abutment usually costs about $800. On average, patients can expect to pay about $2,200 for the implant placed by the surgeon. The surgery fee could increase if extensive grafting is needed.

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Implant-Retained Crowns FAQs

Screwed or Cemented?

Both screw or cement-retained crowns are good options, however, we usually prefer the screw-retained option. This is because it eliminates the complications that occurs when cement has been left around the implant. Also, screw-retained crowns can be easily removed if a repair of the crown is needed. Technically, it is more difficult to do a screw-retained crown and at times it is not possible to do, but it is our preferred technique.

Post-Procedure Care?

After the abutment and crown are placed it should be cleaned daily, just like a natural tooth. We have had many patients say later, “I forgot that was an implant!“

Any Risks?

Like any other surgery, the patient is at risk of infection during recovery, which could include excessive bleeding and flap breakdown. There is also the chance that the implant may fail to integrate. These risks are discussed prior to surgery. Separately, the dentist will also educate you on the proper maintenance and care after surgery.

Custom or Stock Abutments?

We never use premade or “stock abutments” because they have a number of disadvantages and can significantly compromise the aesthetic results. Look at our photo gallery to see a perfect example of the complications that can occur with a stock abutment. They have no place in a highly demanding aesthetic practice.

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