Parker West Dental - Cosmetic Dentistry

At Parker West Dental, we provide all types of cosmetic dentistry and it really boils down to what you as a patient want. You really dictate to us and we're the ones guiding you on that journey to see what's possible here. If it's not possible, what can we do to achieve it? But, really, it's all up to the patient. That's what makes cosmetic dentistry so unique and fun for us is when people come to us to get something done, they're very excited. Cosmetic dentistry can range from anywhere from the patient, I just want my teeth whiter, all the way ranging from, I don't like anything about my teeth. We start from the very bottom. Well, whose teeth do you like? We could pull things from here and then kind of recreate somebody's smile. The way that dentistry is changing with technology and new techniques, just like any industry out there, you have to stay ahead of the curve. Because if you're staying right in the middle of the pack, you're going to get left behind.