Parker West Dental - Patient Experience

I'm often asked, "What are you really about? What is your office? What's your core values?" It's easy to say this, but it is really true, it's character with integrity. We try to have excellence in every aspect of what we do. In your scheduling, your appointment, when you arrive, I don't want you sitting out here for 30 minutes or an hour. Your time is as important as mine. My favorite part of being in dentistry is being with my patients. My patients are friends first, then they're patients. A typical visit to your office would start in the conference room. You always like to get to know the patient first before we bring any dentistry into it. We want let patients know that they're becoming part of the family and not just going for a routine visit. You know, get things started with x-rays and pictures and then we like to go through things together. That way, there are no questions and it's very seamless and very comfortable for the patient. You want to go to a place where you feel everybody knows your name. And in our practice, we're very relationally oriented. I think we're kind of the SouthWest Airlines of dentistry.