Parker West Dental - Dental Health

I think dental health is of the utmost importance even large sectors of medical look to us as almost a screening device. I think we have a unique relationship with a patient and that also to provide for their dental health, but also them as human beings. Some of the steps you can take to having good dental health is ... relies on prevention. And prevention meaning coming in, getting your cleanings every 6 months to a year, letting us check, take our X-rays. The big things are what we want to prevent and things that can pop up that may or may not feel. At Parker West Dental we pride ourselves in staying very current with the dental market. If there's a new product out there that can potentially help our patients, then we want to be almost first in line to check it out and see if it's gonna help and if it's gonna help our patients, we're gonna get it in the office and we're gonna educate our patients on it. We're gonna let you know it's out there and this is how we can help you.