Parker West Dental - Practice Overview

My name is Dr. Ron Bosher. I've been in practice since 1975 and I'm the founder of this practice. I started my practice in Garland in 1975, and so I built this office about three years ago. Most dental offices nowadays are corporately owned. What I hear from these patients is, well, every year I go back, there's a different doctor there. Patients like to feel there's a continuity of their care. I always like to meet our patients in the conference room and get to know them, because I learned years ago teeth are attached to people. And we're people people around here, and we enjoy our patients. Some of them have been with me over 40 years now. My name's Dr. Tim Nguyen. I'm an associate dentist here at Parker West Dental. I think what makes Parker West Dental so different and such a great place to be is everyone is top of their field. It's not just two great dentists. It's the best team around. I'm putting everything up on a screen for a patient. We're going through diagnosis together. Showing people what they need and then them telling me what they want. So it's a mutual decision, to know the patient's part of the process, and I think that relates back to putting the patient number one at all costs. I found Parker West Dental really almost 18 years ago when I first moved here and I needed a dentist. I know I was really nervous when I had my cosmetic procedure done because I wasn't sure what that was going to feel like. But Dr. Nguyen did a great job of walking through step-by-step, and I will say it was one of the few times that I've ever had dental work done that I wasn't in pain. I think the level of patient care is about as high as it can get. I've been at other dentists, and what this office has is truly incredible. My name is Paul Donnison. My wife and I and our four daughters moved here from Canada just 18 months ago. Dr. Ron is our primary dentist and he's both professional, but friendly. He's engaged. You always leave this place laughing. You look forward to your dentist appointments. We found the difference in bringing to you the both professionalism and a real family feel in the office is what's really different about Parker West. It's really important to find places where you can feel like home, and this has really helped us feel like Plano is now home. Having a place where you know your kids are going to be cared for well, that's been a huge part of helping us settle into this community. I think we've got the best dental office around. But we're a little prejudiced about that. We invite you to come to our office and you will be treated honestly and with great care by caring people, and we will take good care of you.